RENwear Creations, based in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded as a trademark brand of Paragon Productions, LLC, start up company of Renee Taylor. Renee has been a graphic designer and artist for over 14 years. Her background in theater and prop making add inspiration to each piece of handmade jewelry art. She has always had an interest in vintage, Art Nouveau and filigree styled art and jewelry.
“It’s safe to say I have a flare for the dramatic, that’s why I love theater. It gives you the opportunity to step back into a different time, a different place and portray a character that is unlike your normal persona.”
“I grew up with a very active imagination, so I found my self frequently getting lost inside a real good science fiction or fantasy novel, playing dress up, and pretending to be a princess in a castle waiting for my prince to come.”
“ Recently, I have been exploring the steampunk craft and lifestyle movement. It is like diving into a gas-lit world of victorian romance, with steam-powered robots, mad scientists and flying airships!”

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